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Design for what a man wants so he can add his own requirements.

Camper Trailer designed for the woman so she can have her requirements.

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Are you thinking outside of the square?

This website is about alternative designs.

Which one is right for you?

Read on to find out more about first hand research and solutions in 2016

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Design by Bob Sproston

We are designers to improve, not a manufacture or in sales

Box trailers were made for rubbish.


REST designs are for camper trailers

Rest Camper Research and Solutions Designer 

From our research we have looked outside of the square as to what the buyer wants, what is needed, what can be done, what is missing and what changes can be made.

What a man wants in an adventurous break away vacation:

Easy no stress to rest, easy to tow, strong, solid chassis, easy to park, goes anywhere; setup easy to assemble, easy to get to storage, security storage, handle any weather conditions.

What does a woman wants?

The comforts of home, place to change without climbing a ladder to get into bed, privacy and not being closed in, a convenience area so not to go outside. To be able to make the bed with out climbing over the bed.

What the manufacturers wants.

That it should be easy to make, easy to transport and to give the customer variety without straying from quality manufactures reliability. This camper trailer designs can be used with a small vehicle up to a larger vehicle, all from one single plan to make it easy for any combination required.

We are open to suggestions from you to improve the way the camper trailer is made, or of any requirements you may need. A camper trailer is unique to Australia that will give you safety road speed very low wind resistance to go any where your vehicle will go. Dimensions can be easy fitted on a Motor Rail car carrier with your vehicle. not like a caravan that has to go as freight.

Camper trailer can be fitted with modern off the shelf equipment that can be utilised in or out of the camper trailer.

New design can be fitted to stop bull dust entering camper trailer.

Greenhouse admissions advantages, fuel saver.

A camper trailer is designed to make a holiday cheaper.

Resale is easer and less loss of value has been noted over the years will give you a higher percentage of return than a caravan.

Easy to store and when not on holidays is can be used for light work picking up goods.

These designs are so that any manufacturer any can use any combination required.

The industry needs 5 definitions.

  • Extreme Terrain Camper Trailer (ETCT) ,

  • Off Track Terrain Camper Trailer (OTTCT ) ,

  • Track Camper Trailer.(TCT) ,

  • Camper Trailer (CT)

  • Motor Rail (MR)   Ask about these definitions

  • Definition of a tent camper trailer

  • The maximum and minimum measurements suit all States

  • Width of the out tyre 1.890m. , over all base width 2m

  • Inner tyre space .94m. greater that

  • Height 1.540m. , no greater

  • Length 5.270m. , under. ,

  • Under carriage clearance to exceed .015m ,

  • What is available in suspensions

  • Leaf spring:  Type Slipper, Eye type.  710 mm  or  845 mm for Off Track Terrain

  • Coil Springs

  • Swing rubber suspension

  • Torsion bar

  • Air Suspension

Speed restrictions on a vehicle when towing over a certain mass of trailers.

  • 100km/h if the load is less than 1200 kg.

    1600 kg this drops to 90km/h.

    2300 kg, 80km/h is the maximum.

    Rest has designed camper trailers to fit in with the speed restrictions and the capacities to cover by the towing vehicle manufacture specialisation and transport government specialisation

All from one deign we can configure over 33 combinations

Some of the extras that can be fitted.

  1. Double bunks

  2. Single beds

  3. Double beds

  4. Queen size beds

  5. King size beds

  6. Wet areas ( portable toilet , shower )

  7. Safe lockable bin

  8. Draws  from 2 to 6

  9. Slide out bed (Pop Nose)

  10. Easy to make all around bed

  11. Kitchen ( fixed or portable )

  12. Air conditioning  (or heater only)

  13. 240V  outlets or and 12V

  14. Color to match towing vehicle

  15. With rear floor or with out rear floor

  16. Inside height from 300 cm to 900 cm for individual finish

  •  Anti jack-knife

  • Full chassis for the Australian terrain.

  • Full length chassis

  • Wheels and spare to match towing vehicle

  • Positive track

  • Automatic key opening for tent set-up.

  • Carry a Boat for two, on top for calm water.

  • Water tanks

  • Restricted anti dust system

  • Storage bins

Warning: Not suitable for deep water crossing as the capsule is sealed unit and will float and lift the rear of the towing vehicle causing no traction.  Deep water crossing could also damage air conditioner, restricted anti dust system, and 240V or 12V system.


Terrain driving = when on vehicle tracks or tracks that require a higher ground clearance unit.

Non terrain driving = roads that suitable for general use

Design by Bob Sproston